Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome To My Crib/Senior Week

You want to know how a long snapper lives? Feast your eyes on this...

I have watched my fellow 21 seniors grow up right before my eyes. I love all these guys and I have a different relationship with all of them which I will try to explain in the following sentences without getting too emotional...

Austin Moret- Aside from being my only Jewish friend, we both love music and talking about girls we almost talked to. We have had many conversations on both topics.

Brad Neimeier- Easily the nicest human on Earth. I have heard a lot of complaining in my life but never from him. Not only is he one of my sideline buddies (guys I talk to on the sidelines) he makes the best pizza EVER. Great human. Better friend. Betterer beard.

Spencer Dawson- Roommate. It has been said that we have man-crushes on each other. He wishes.

Adam Brockman- Brock and I share a common love for everything manly. The only difference between us is he actually lives the life and I just like to act like I do.We sit beside each other in the team meetings AND we share a common former basketball coach. Small world.

DeVarro Greaves- I have learned so much from this kid in the locker room. Some things I wanted to know, others not so much. As I've said before, greatest smack talker I've ever met. The kid brings the wood every play, every practice.

Dan Berry- Another roommate. Possibly the dirtiest. Its hard not to love him and his hairy self.

James Shepherd- The Bruce and I have recently grown much closer. He's one of those guys who would do anything for anybody, especially if that something is play NCAA football on 360.

Charlton Williams- Al (Arms and Legs) sits accross from me in the locker room. He puts up with Dawson and myself asking him daily questions about being black. Great guy.

Joe Holland- By far the (book) smartest person on the team. Joe will always have a special place in my heart for his heroic play against Norwell in the 2006 Class 3A Football State Championship. Pretty sure we have discussed every possible scenario for anything that could ever happen ever during pre-practice stretch.

Robert Marve- Great leader. Unbelievable arm strength. Great guy to talk smack to because he'll always have a come back.

Justin Siller- Sill and I like to go back and forth and make fun of each other about who we look like. I say he looks like Terrell Owens, he says I look like Brad Pitt. Maybe.

Carson Wiggs- One of my best friends. This kid will be in my wedding some day. He can kick the ball good.

 Chris Carlino- Hands down the best football player I have ever seen. Great hair. Great 'stache. 

Kurt Lichtenberg- Always will hold a special place in my heart as a fellow Fall '07 walk on. Always high energy. Great musician. Awesome guy. We like to share stories about reporters asking us questions exclusively about someone else.

Jared Crank- Great guy to talk to, always has something funny to say. Body of a God.

Albert Evans- We had lockers beside each other for a winter/spring once. He never kept his stuff on his side. Other than that, great guy.

Gerald Gooden- Big. Strong. Always cool headed. Philosophical leader of the team.

Waynelle Gravesande- Best hands I have ever seen. I am at ease when he is returning punts. Always in an argument about Kobe vs. Lebron.

Nick Mondek- I think Nick has been in every class of mine for the past 2 years. Not mad about it. Nick knows a lot about me and I know a lot about Nick. Maybe too much...

Sean Matti- I think about Matti every day. Huge loss for the team and community. I know he loved his family and this team so much. He's with us all every day, especially this week.

Logan Link- Stretch buddy. Hair buddy. What I wouldn't do for that bod.

Dennis Kelly- Just a large chunk of man. Awesome guy to talk to, good friend. Also one of those guys who likes to pretend their NCAA '11 game on XBox is real life.

I was recently informed I was nominated for the Burlsworth Trophy which is awarded to the "most outstanding college football player who began his career as a walk on." I know how hard the walk on's at Purdue work and I have no doubt it isn't any different around the country. I am honored to even be on the list. I also doubt the committee looked very hard into my list of football accomplishments. Still a huge honor. Thank you Burlsworth Trophy committee.

 On Monday's the Coach Hope Radio Show is broadcast live from Fuzzy's Tacos in West Lafayette so my roommates and I went for the $1 tacos. I was fortunate enough for Coach to take my question during the show. Mrs. Hope was able to snap a few pictures of me and my 15 seconds of fame...

I was interested in his thoughts about shifting to a 3 QB system and giving Spencer Dawson a little more playing time. He said maybe next year. Dawson is a 5th year senior. 

Iowa: 1 Day
Christmas: 37 Days


  1. ha yes i did know i left the tv wasnt wanting to move that beast anymore.

  2. We need to caption those pics...

    Booty: Hi, Coach. Remember me?

    Coach Hope: Who are you again?


    Booty: Coach, your 'stache is epic. Does it have a nickname?

    Coach Hope: The Intimidator

    Booty: Uhhh, wasn't that Dale Earnhardt's nickname?

    Coach Hope: (Fierce gaze)

    Booty: Oh! Now I get it!