Saturday, August 27, 2011

Camp And Back To School Week

We wrapped up camp a last week and have been on our regular season practice schedule for a week now and I feel like now is a great time to talk about some things.
First off, camp was a blast. We not only got better as a team, I learned more about my teammates than I ever cared to know. Camp can turn the cleanest and well kept humans into some of the most disgusting neanderthals that walk this earth. If you don't brush your teeth and wear the same shorts for the two week duration, you are probably among the top 10 cleanest guys in the team meeting room.
Keeping your sanity is crucial to getting yourself through camp. One way we (Joe Holland, Carson Wiggs, Cody Webster and a reluctant Kurt Lichtenberg) passed time was Mario Kart 64. To all of the guys I played with; I am sorry for stomping on all of your racing dreams with my boy Bowser, but we are just too good for you. Camp also does a great job of making the outside world seem like a complete wonderland full of possibilities and Falcor, the flying luck dragon. For example, did anybody know there were girls on this campus? The first couple of times a football player lays eyes on a female outside of football, it might as well be Christmas morning 1992.
Which brings me to my next talking point, the first week of school. As a seasoned vet, I have mastered the first week of school, mostly because I've had 5 of them. I know what you are thinking, "Hey Kevin (or Booty, whatever you prefer), how in the hail (see what I did there?) does somebody go about doing that?" Here are a few lesson's I've learned the hard way...
  1. It is going to be hot so don't try to be a hero and wear a shirt that shows any sweat, even if it is a sweet new Ed Hardy dragon tee. I would recommend a nice black or white shirt, just make sure that white shirt isn't already yellow in the pits. You can even go v-neck as long has the v doesn't pass the nipple line.
  2. Sit in the front row. It looks like you are there to learn and that you care, even if you aren't and don't. The professor never calls on the front row because they are under the impression that you are one of those kids who try hard and already know everything. It's the perfect crime. 
  3. Sit by the actual smart kids. Get into their groups for group projects. Should go without saying.
  4. Try not to wear all of the new fashions on the first day. A fresh snap back, plastic neon sunglasses, paired with a tank top and high tops Nikes might sound good but make no mistake, it's not.
  5. Go to some call outs and eat the free pizza. What else are you going to do, get ahead on your math studies? Yeah right. While we are on the subject, a lot of area food establishments have great deals for students the first couple of weeks; I know for a fact nobody is above a half off burrito. Nobody. Not even Tom "Iceman" Kazanski.
Today We had our meet and greet with the fans, it was a great turn out and we were excited to see all of the fans come out and show their support, young and old! But seriously nothing is more awkward when somebody asks you to sign their poster and you already have. I double signed at least 10 posters today just to avoid that painfully awkward moment. 
Just seven short days until kickoff against Middle Tennessee State! Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you out at Ross-Ade Stadium next Saturday, Hail Purdue and Boiler Up and stuff!

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